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November 22, 2005


Affordable Body Shop Production Management Software Helps Eliminate Daily Confusion And Chaos


November 22, 2005 Wellington Florida, Arthur B. Dahm, President of Automotive Disciplines, Inc. announced the release of his company's body shop production management software. The Multi-Function Tracking System version 7.0 Production Plus™ is designed by Automotive Disciplines, Inc. and it's architecture engineered by I/O Technologies Inc.

"We designed Production Plus™ to help independent and new car dealer body shop managers and owners increase their production capabilities by reducing the confusion and chaos associated with body shop production management. Our goals during the development process were 1. Make it easy to use. 2. Design it so employees will actually use it once installed. 3. Make its' production activity data clear and understandable to all that view it. 4. Make it easy to train. 5. Keep the price affordable. We are very confident that we accomplished the first four goals and with an annual fee of $1395.00, we believe shops will agree that our fifth goal was also met. Production Plus™ is not intended to replace a dealers DMS or an independent shops invoice/accounting system i.e., QuickBook®. Production Plus™ is intended to help body shops become more efficient at managing important aspects of the collision repair production process resulting in their ability to produce more repairs. Production Plus™ is more than just software, it's also the core of a deliberate production management process" said Art Dahm.

When asked for an overview of the system Art went on to say, "The Production Activity Screen displays all active customer files giving the shops administrative personnel easy access to the status of each file as well as other important customer data at a glance. The essential categories of activity data will keep staff members, customers and insurance companies up to date on each vehicles repair status and help them plan their next move in the repair process. All data is viewed in a linear fashion which most shop managers and owners are comfortable with. To keep things simple and centralized, the Production Activity Screen also acts as your Appointment Calendar which is an effective way to track all in coming customers. Scheduling and Dispatching activities are managed here as well. In addition to helping shops manage their daily production activities, the Plus aspect of Production Plus will provide shops with a variety of daily and monthly reports like detailed cycle time and monthly trends. These reports can help managers and owners when making important decisions about employees, insurance companies, market conditions and more. There are additional ways to easily sort and filter data. This filtered data can be very useful on a daily basis. The systems' Performance Tracker Report will give owners, general managers and dealer principals an easy to read summary of the current months' activities in real time every day."

Art finished by saying. "Production Plus not only helps with production management, it can help manage Sales Activities and Opportunity as well. The Sales Activity Screen will allow you to log in all estimates written by your staff or estimates from other sources. There are many useful reports in the Sales Activity area like estimate closing ratio, zip code retention, insurance company retention and more. Disciplined production management and proactive sales management are two of the key ingredients that drive successful body shops. ADI believes today's state of the art shop equipment on its' own has reached a level of maximum productivity. Shop owners and managers need to become more proficient in the area of organizational structure and process development as well as the implementation of those processes to become more productive. These will be the shops that survive and prosper. At the end of the day if you are unable to get a handle on your production repair processes and sales activities in a timely and organized manner, the rest of the business is probably going to be even more difficult to manage."

Automotive Disciplines, Inc. is a consulting company serving the collision repair industry. Automotive Disciplines, Inc. privately owned by Arthur B. Dahm.

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