Preventing unwanted clicks from overseas

Do you use Pay-Per-Click services from Google or Yahoo? If you're like me, you've learned that if you don't bid high enough on certain keywords, your web site won't show up-and you won't receive many hits.

So what happens when you raise your keyword bids? Your web hits probably increase dramatically. But where are all the prospective customers? In our case, there weren't any. Where were these hits coming from, and why weren't they turning into leads?

We decided to investigate. It turns out our site was getting clobbered during the wee hours of the morning with bogus hits from India, Korea, China, and points beyond. Most were coming via Pay-Per-Click-so we were paying for these hits. That's when we realized that our "friends" half a world away were really our competitors. They were only hitting our site in order to drain our daily Pay-Per-Click budget. Thus our site would disappear from the search engines before breakfast here in the USA.

"Wait a minute!" I said to myself-"Didn't we tell the search engines to allow hits only from the US and Canada?" I double-checked-and yes, we had. Apparently, their filters aren't foolproof.

So what could we do about this problem? Contact the search engines? Frankly, we weren't real confident that they would care. It's probably not in their best interest to filter out web traffic when they benefit financially from every hit-bogus or not.

We came up with a better solution. And it's worked wonderfully! Suddenly, our daily budget wasn't getting depleted! Better still, our phone now rings regularly with calls from prospective customers.

Might our solution prove valuable for your web site? I don't know. But feel free to contact us about the cost-effective solutions we can provide.