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DATE:  June 30, 2006

I/O Technologies Inc Announces Release of TimeClockPro

RFID-enabled TimeClock Software Designed to Reduce Management Headaches

Wauwatosa — June 30, 2006 — Today I/O Technologies Corp. announced immediate availability of TimeClockPro, an RFID-based timeclock solution available to employers throughout the United States. Using RFID tags eliminates many of the problems other systems encounter--including lost punchcards, demagnetized badges, illegible barcodes and forgotten PIN numbers.

TimeClockPro was designed with ease-of-use for both end users and management as the primary goal. The software runs on Microsoft operating systems. It is an ideal solution for companies who need to track additional information beyond mere clock ins/clock outs. For example, TimeClockPro can prompt employees for location, category and sub-category of work performed.

The user interface is kept simple to ensure that people who are skittish about new technologies will feel completely at ease the first time they use the system.  Employees never use a keyboard when logging hours. In fact, depending on how TimeClockPro is configured, most employees will never see more than one or two components:  an RFID reader and a touch screen (optional).  Users clock in/out by scanning their RFID tag. Then, (depending on configuration) they press a few buttons on the touch screen to specify location and category of work performed.   Employees can review hours they've logged with the touch of a button.  An optional In/Out board provides real-time personnel status.

The management console allows managers to configure scanning stations, manage user accounts, review current In/Out status and generate reports.  Management reports and timecards are generated in PDF format to ensure universal readability.

Rationale for Development
“After searching for timeclock software that meets our clients’ needs, we concluded that we could develop our own product that provides customers with more granularity, at a price they can afford,” said Dave Martin, VP of Operations at I/O Technologies. “The solutions we found were either too bulky, too lightweight or too expensive for most of our customer base.  So we built our own system. We’re confident that many businesses will benefit from its functionality.”

Hardware requirements
TimeClockPro works best when installed on PCs connected to a company's local area network. Touch screen monitors are ideal for this application. However, standard CRT monitors work fine, provided that users have access to a mouse. Contact I/O Technologies Inc for details on RFID reader compatibility and pricing.

Pricing Structure
TimeClockPro software is licensed based on the number of employees who use the system: $89 per employee with a five-employee minimum. I/O Technologies Inc also offers an optional 20% annual maintenance agreement.

About I/O Technologies
Founded in 1994, I/O Technologies Inc. is a woman-owned company that writes software applications for business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software - any time, any place.


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