FastFone - A fast way to access your company's phone list.
  • "Does anyone have Laura Taylor's phone number? Since he moved his office I can never remember his number."
  • "I can't find the number for the Advent Distribution Center. Guess I'll have to call information."
  • "What's your fax number again? One of these days I'll write it down and not have to keep asking you."
Sound familiar?

Do you find it difficult to keep your company's phone list up-to-date? Do you get frustrated by the time and expense required to print and distribute paper lists?  If only there were a way your users could click an icon and quickly find the information they need.  If only there were a way to provide this ability without spending hours getting it deployed.  Well now there is!

Introducing FastFone - a fast and easy way to manage and distribute your company's phone list.

How does it work?

Suppose you want to find Laura Taylor's information. Simply double-click the 'FastFone' icon on your desktop. The following screen will appear. Type in a few letters of Laura's name. You could type 'Laura'-in which case you'd find all the people named Laura in your phone list. Or, type Taylor to find all of the Taylors:

FastFone - Search for ...

Then press the Enter key. You'll have the information you need in a flash.

FastFone - Results

If you need more detail, double-click on Laura's name. (Or move your cursor to Laura's name and press the Enter key.) Here is what you'll get:

FastFone - Details

Do we need to run an install routine on every workstation?

No! We've taken the drudgery out of deploying applications. FastFone will automatically install itself the first time you launch it on each workstation.

Is there a separate licensing fee for each workstation where it's installed?

No! FastFone is licensed to run on any workstation that accesses your Local Area Network. No separate license is required per workstation.

How do we update the list?

A separate screen is used to maintain the list. As soon as a change is made, everyone with access to FastFone will automatically have the latest information. (And yes, it will print out a list for those who prefer to keep a paper list on hand.)

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