Posting date: February 25, 2010

I/O Technologies, a Wisconsin-based software development company, seeks a high-aptitude individual to write code and support existing applications.  Due to the growth of our company, there's potential for a permanent, full-time position for the right person.

This position will start out as a temporary position.  This gives both of us a chance to evaluate whether we have a good match of skills and aptitude to our fast-paced working environment.  After a successful period of on-the-job training, the qualified candidate would be hired full-time.

We’re looking for someone with a minimum of an associate degree (or higher) in computer science.  You must be willing to adopt our programming standards and think logically.  You’ll need a customer service orientation and be able to prioritize tasks.  Ability to interact well with our clients and troubleshoot their issues is essential. 

US Citizen or permanent resident only.  No H1 Visa sponsorship or third-party candidates will be considered at this time.   No phone calls, please.

Non-local candidates are welcome to apply; however expenses for onsite interviews and relocation are not available.


  • Good oral and written communication skills are important in order for a candidate to perform well in this position.
  • Attention to detail
  • Willingness and ability to use debugging tools
  • Willingness to learn new technologies (HTML, JavaScript, Vbscript, third-party software)
  • Willingness to relocate to within 45 minutes of the Metro Milwaukee area.  (Telecommuting is not an option for this position).

Preferred Skills:

  • Familiarity/experience using version control (Source Safe)
  • Object-Oriented Programming background is a definite plus.
  • Experience interfacing with SQL Server and/or Oracle is desirable.
  • Working knowledge of C#
  • Experience using Visual Foxpro


Are you up for the challenge?

Over the past 16 years, we’ve developed a very large infrastructure of object-oriented classes and reusable code.  Our clients rely on our expertise to enable them to be competitive in their respective marketplaces.  They expect us to support programming languages that aren’t widely known in the industry. 

Are you interested in a challenging and rewarding employment experience?  Extensive prior programming experience isn’t required.   But here’s what IS required.  We’re looking for someone who:

  • Soaks up new information and programming concepts like a sponge.

  • Doesn’t object to taking tests to establish a baseline of knowledge, and to confirm mastery of a given subject.

  • After being shown how a set of logic works, is able to utilize the same logic elsewhere in an effective manner.

  • Doesn't insist on rewriting code that's already in production, unless asked to do so.

  • Can think through the ramifications of making a change--for example, swapping out a control on a form.

  • Doesn't mind doing tedious, repetitive work on occasion.  For example, working through all of our codebase and swapping out a call to an old procedure with a different call to a new class.  Or:  beta testing a mission-critical application for one of our clients.

  • Will test likely scenarios users will encounter on any and all changes s/he makes.

  • Wouldn't dream of retorting, "I wrote the program like you asked--if you wanted me to check whether it actually works, you should have said so."

  • When instructed not to use single-letter variable names--never uses another one on code written here at our office. 

  • Treats our customers with respect--even when they're wrong and/or obstinate on occasion.


More about this position.

I/O Technologies is a software development company based in Germantown, Wisconsin.  Established in 1994, our client base extends across the continental US.  We've now grown to the point where we need to hire yet another programmer.

The majority of our existing applications are written in C#, as well as Microsoft Visual Foxpro versions 8.0 and 9.0.  We also support several applications written in VB, Vbscript, JavaScript, ASP and HTML--as well as a few legacy applications written by other developers in earlier versions (FPW 2.6, for example).

One of our specialties is developing interfaces to transfer data from dissimilar systems in a manner that is completely seamless and user-friendly. 

The need may arise from time to time to visit client sites.  Depending on staff scheduling, you may be asked to work onsite for one of our larger clients from time to time. 


Salary / Benefits

Compensation will be commensurate with experience and initiative. 

In order to offer the best benefit package possible for a company of our size, I/O Technologies, Inc  partners with The Employer Group, a Professional Employer Organization in Madison, WI. 

We offer the following benefits:

  • Two weeks paid vacation each year for the first five years.
  • Three weeks thereafter.  
  • Health insurance - Preferred Provider Plan.  I/O Technologies pays a portion of the premium.
  • Dental insurance - optional.
  • Life insurance - optional.
  • Short-term disability insurance - optional.
  • Long-term disability insurance - optional.
  • Vision insurance - optional.
  • Employee assistance plan.
  • Flex Spending Account Plan.
  • 401-K program participation after one year of service.

Our dress code is  extremely casual (jeans, shorts, whatever) at the office when no customers are expected (and since many of our customers are located in other states, we don't get many coming to our office).   When programmers visit customer locations, we ask them to wear business attire.


How to apply for the position:

- OR -


  • Next, fax or email the completed application along with a copy of your resume to  Note that we must receive both a completed application and resume before conducting interviews.

  • Be sure to specify salary expectations and references

  • No phone calls, please