Why We Recommend Quickbooks

It's no accident that Quickbooks has become the industry leader in accounting software for small businesses. Besides its attractive, intuitive user interface, Quickbooks is easy to configure. It's fast. And it's easy to use. What's more, Quickbooks offers solutions for cloud-based computing in addition to traditional desktop software.

Quickbooks was designed to be easy to understand, even for business owners who don't have an accounting background. It includes many ready-to-use templates you can use to create customized invoices, purchase orders and standard business forms.

Customized invoices can be especially useful; you can add your company logo and additional details for individual line items. Detailed invoices help customers reconcile their invoices and pay them on time.

In our years of creating custom interfaces between custom ERP systems and accounting software, one product stands head and shoulders above the others. That product is Quickbooks. Intuit has done an incredibly thorough job of creating a robust, logical interface for external software applications.

Whether you need to import/export customers, invoices, purchase orders, timecard data, report data, and more--Quickbooks provides more granularity and more useful developer documentation than any other accounting software we've seen. The possibilities are endless!

By means of its built-in security and custom interface capability, Quickbooks allows you to control who can access sensitive accounting information. For example, you could configure your POS interface to give sales clerks the ability to enter sales, but require manager intervention to issue refunds. You could give upper management the ability to generate certain key reports without getting mired in menu options.


Intuit QuickBooks

Know Where Your Business Stands

Nearly 70% of users say QuickBooks helped them to be more profitable.*

- Track every dollar coming in and going out with in-depth reporting
- Instantly create invoices, track payments, and manage all expenses

(*based on QB Pro and Premier customers surveyed who expressed an opinion)

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The Bottom Line
If your company is new, and you're looking for a user-friendly accounting application, Quickbooks is the way to go! If you've been in business for a while, but aren't satisfied with your current accounting package, be sure to give it strong consideration.

Best of all: save up to 20% off the regular retail price by using the Quickbooks software discount links to the right.

PS: When the time comes to build a bridge between your internal software applications and Quickbooks, please keep I/O Technologies, Inc. in mind. Estimates are free!