Integrate With QuickBooks Seamlessly.

Building Bridges Between QuickBooks and Your Order Entry System

If your people have to rekey the same data over and over, what's the point? Our goal is to eliminate eliminate double data entry of the same information into separate systems.  Leveraging a QuickBooks interface will save valuable time, because your staff won't ever have to enter the same data into separate applications.

Intuit offers a powerful programming interface, which allows you to integrate seamlessly with your other applications. Integrating with QuickBooks can be an important step forward, helping to ensure your company stays ahead of your competition.

Leveraging a QuickBooks interface will save time and prevent data entry errors: your staff won’t ever have to rekey the same data into separate applications again. With a custom interface, you get the best of both worlds: the power and efficiency of QuickBooks, AND the tailoring of your application to your specific business needs.

Here are just a few examples of how you can improve productivity by tightly integrating QuickBooks with your other software …

If you’'re concerned about security and want to limit your staff’s direct access to QuickBooks, we can create a custom front end that can keep unauthorized personnel out of the full accounting program and give them a faster means of inputting data.
Five ways you'll benefit by contacting us.
  • 1. Higher Productivity
    Your personnel will no longer have to manually re-key data into separate systems. Think of how much time and money that will save!
  • 2. Fully distributable
    You'll never pay extra per-seat or per-location fees for software deployment. Should you decide to distribute your software to other locations, there will be no additional charges unless you request additional software programming, training or installation assistance.
  • 3. Greater Flexibility
    Your system will be designed with multiple users in mind, allowing for easy access to data without requiring others to close spreadsheets or move to different records. Your system will be able to grow with you as your company needs change.
  • 4. No need for new or additional hardware
    Most often, your new QuickBooks interface will run on your existing workstations without the need for equipment upgrades.
  • 5. 24-Hour Support
    We’'re only a phone call away. We support the systems we install, and can add enhancements as needed.

""I just wanted to write to let you know how thrilled I am with the recurring routes! I don't think I thank your staff enough for all the work they put into making things work for us. I really appreciate everything. Thanks for the fabulous recurring routes and the QuickBooks connection. I used / needed it today and it worked perfectly - a great addition to the program! Pass my gratitude on to everyone who works with us. I feel very fortunate to be working with a company that works at a project until it works well! Thank you!""

Elise Ruegsegger
Squeegee Squad
Blaine, Minnesota