Legacy Software Support

I/O Technologies is the Old Software Expert Your Company Needs

It doesn’t sound good, “Old Software” but that Legacy Software is still being used in your IT department, on your shop floor or, in quality control working behind the scenes. It has done a great job until now but, when it breaks or it prevents a server from being updated then, all of a sudden you have a problem.

This type of software support is crucial because many organizations still rely on older software applications that are mission-critical to their operations. These applications can be difficult or costly to replace, and while they may still meet your organization’s needs, often they are no longer able to be actively maintained by your current staff. In some cases, you may also have significant investments in customizations and integrations that have been built around these applications, making it difficult to switch to newer alternatives.

We Can Help

We can provide stability and reassurance by providing support for your older software applications that are no longer actively developed or updated by their original creators. This can include fixing bugs, addressing compatibility issues with new hardware and software, and providing updates to ensure the software remains secure and reliable.

To provide effective legacy software support, it is important to have someone like I/O Technologies that has a thorough understanding of older software and the underlying technologies it relies on. We have been able to reverse engineer older software while working closely with your team to understand your company’s needs to identify potential issues or increase efficiencies. We can develop custom patches and workarounds to address compatibility issues, and provide ongoing technical support to ensure the software remains stable and reliable.

Our expertise in technologies and programming languages both old and new like Python, C#, Visual FoxPro, DOS, QuickBooks and SharePoint, C++, and many others, can provide cost-effective solutions to keep your legacy software running smoothly.

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