... Software that Helps You Manage Your To-Do Lists with Ease.

Running a business (or household) successfully requires careful attention to detail.  Recently we developed a simple task list manager to help oversee our workload and stay on task.

We use this software in our office every day, and believe others may benefit from it as well.  So we're giving it away to our customers, friends, and anyone else who might find it useful.

To download a fully-functional version of Toodles! please enter your email and first name below, so we'll know where to send your download link. (note: if you can't see text fields to enter your name and email address, please turn off any ad blockers, then reload the page.)

After you download Toodles!, install it and you'll be up and running in no time!

For detailed instructions on how to install Toodles!, click here.  (Requires Adobe Reader).

To review the current manual in PDF format, click here

For a brief tutorial on how to install and use Toodles!, click here

Here are just some of the features now available in the current version of Toodles!

  • Create task lists for one or more assignees, organized by date
  • Set priorities on a sliding scale. The higher priority, the higher the task will appear on the printed list.
  • Filter tasks by assignee, target date and/or completion status.
  • Create recurring tasks that'll print as scheduled
  • Single-user or Multi-user enabled
  • Built in backup capability
  • It's Free! This is NOT try-before-you-buy software. It's 100% free. Click here to view the license agreement.

    If you want to receive notifications about updates and new features, click here to subscribe to the Toodles! mailing list. You need to have an email application (eg., Outlook, Lotus Notes, Eudora, etc.) installed on your PC for this to work.

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