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Custom Software Development

Does your staff spend hours performing the same tasks over and over? Have you tried commercial off-the-shelf software, only to discover that it falls short of your needs? It may be time to speak with a professional custom software development company.

It's no surprise. Your company is unique and does business in a unique way. Sometimes commercial software may not be the right choice for you. Especially when you spend more time learning the software than actually using it.

We are here to help you grow your business—and save time—by creating custom business software that drains the pain from business processes, improves user experiences and adds to your company’s net worth.

We specialize in creating websites and developing custom software that are tailored to your specific business needs: our custom software development solutions add efficiency to your operation.

When it comes to custom programming services, we never forget this simple truth: it's about you, not us. And we're here to make your life simpler: down-to-earth, user-friendly custom software development is what we do. To simplify your complex tasks and save you time and money.

Why choose our custom software development services

25+ years of experience. Countless satisfied clients. But the most important thing is that our development team truly believes in what we do: making life easier for you. At I/O Technologies we're literally obsessed with writing great software. Software that suits your needs, helping you remove the obstacles that get in the way of your business processes. We achieve our goals because we are a team of professionals and we're passionate about what we do: our pride and joy are the returning customers, 80% of the total who comes to us. We believe in honesty, quality and in delivering custom software products on time and on budget. But enough about us.

Satisfied Customers


Satisfied customers is what we are looking for. Because they're the best advertising for our services.

Five reasons to choose custom software

Still undecided?

When weighing your options, here are
5 reasons why your company should consider custom software.

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Who owns YOUR source code?

It can get complicated.
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The custom business software you need

Over the years we've written custom software for companies operating in several sectors. Manufacturers, logistics companies and franchisors, every one of them trusted us with their mission-critical applications. For example, we've developed complex document generation software, real-time reporting systems, seamless electronic interfaces and IoT (Internet of Things) software.

We master different programming languages to use in enterprise applications. If you're still using spreadsheets to track customers, projects and jobs, it might be time to consider a data-based solution by our subject matter experts. By working with us, your employees can focus on work that helps you grow your business' revenue, while our custom software development firm will improve the functionality and capabilities of your current software.

We use the latest technologies, and write software in several programming languages that are suitable for multiple operating systems: this is what we mean when we talk about custom software. The software you really need, not the one you have to adapt to.

How we work

We specialize in custom software development services that are tailored to your specific business needs. That's why our software experts will analyze your unique situation and suggest solutions that really meet your needs, and tailor our custom software development process to your business. In fact, the first thing we like to do is listen. And we do it for free – we don't charge for an initial consultation. Listening to your needs is the only way for us to understand how we can help you with a custom software solution. If custom software won’t yield a healthy return on your investment, we’ll tell you up front: our goal is to simplify your work, not to steal your money. We focus on quality at every stage of the software development life cycle. You get a dedicated project manager for your customized software application, whether you need software related to artificial intelligence, internet of things (IOT), computer vision, augmented reality, blockchain, cloud computing or big data, our custom software development company has you covered.

Why we believe in custom software

Did we mention that we love what we do? If you weren't convinced yet, discover some of the applications we've developed to simplify daily operations. And save time (and effort). Solutions you can use right away. You can download them for free and discover today the unparalleled feeling of simply managing actions that have always taken time away from your business.

I am extremely pleased with I/O Technologies' work. There was no doubt they knew what they were doing. They were very down to earth; friendly and helpful. No geek talk -and they listened, too. Very responsive and fast. A pleasure to deal with. - Robert J. Kinnier, Badger Railing
I have nothing but good things to say about I/O Technologies. They did a small program and a website for us that had a lot of special characteristics, and they did a fantastic job. They finished on time and on budget and for a reasonable price. - Steven M. Slovon, President, SMS Productions, Inc.
I just wanted to write to let you know how thrilled I am with the recurring routes! I don't think I thank your staff enough for all the work they put into making things work for us. I really appreciate everything. Thanks for the fabulous recurring routes and the QuickBooks connection. I used / needed it today and it worked perfectly - a great addition to the program!
Pass my gratitude on to everyone who works with us. I feel very fortunate to be working with a company that works at a project until it works well! Thank you!
- Elise Ruegsegger, Squeegee Squad
Stop wading through heaps of raw data to find the information you need.

A custom software solution can quickly sort through and massage your raw data into meaningful, useful information you can use.

Freelance Programmer Risks
Don't take the risk of staking your company's future on a one-man operation.

Don't wait until you find out your freelance programmer's phone number has been disconnected to start thinking about the importance of relying on a company with a team of experts always there for you.

Custom Software Development
Work with programmers who share your work ethic.

Choose a programming team with years of experience rather than entrusting your business to programmers with no experience.

Upgrade your Hardware
Be free to upgrade your hardware!

Don't shackle your business to software that cannot keep up with your company's evolution. Stop trying to find parts and personnel who can still keep your old infrastructure alive.

Own your Software
Stop paying licensing fees year after year

You could own 100% of your mission-critical software and data, in a system that's tailored to your own way of doing business.