Custom Logistics Software That is Easy to Use 

Our approach to the development of logistics software includes a process comprised of several phases:

  • Requirements Gathering Phase – We work with your team and stakeholders to determine the specific logistics needs of your organization. We will identify key processes, workflows, and challenges that need to be addressed by your new software or software upgrade.
  • Design Phase –  We then create a detailed plan for each element of the application to determine each specific feature and functionality that the requirements phase has uncovered. We creating flowcharts, wireframes, and other visual aids as necessary to help refine the final design.
  • Implementation Phase – Then we get busy with the complex process that involves writing the actual code for your application so that it supports each process and workflow efficiently.
  • Testing Phase – This critical part of logistics software development process involves thoroughly testing your new software to ensure that it works as intended to your teams specifications and can effectively support your logistics operations.
  • Deployment Phase – We install the application on your the target system and walk through configuring it to meet the specific needs of your organization. Often this involves training members of your team and integrating the software with other systems and tools.

By following this process we create the most effective logistics software, helping your organization streamline its operations, reduce costs, and improve your customers satisfaction.

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