Custom Software

Wouldn’t it be nice – if it could just do this!

Our custom software development process creates applications specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. We can design and develop software from scratch, or modify existing software to meet your specific requirements. We’re adept at integrating multiple complex technologies to create a seamless, efficient software solution.

Our consultants and programmers work closely with your business to identify needs and requirements, and then design and develop the software to fit your business like a glove – No more, No less.

With hundreds of clients and thousands of applications, we use our expertise to create a wide range of software applications. From simple mobile apps to complex enterprise-level systems that power warehouses. We support workers in the field with progressive web applications for a mobile/ desktop hybrid approach. When you require a specialized software solution that is not available in off-the-shelf software packages, I/O Technologies is your best choice.

We have in-house development teams and software development programmers that have a track record of success in delivering high-quality custom ASP.Net, MS SQL, C#, Visual Fox Pro, QuickBooks and SharePoint Integrations, DOS, and Microsoft software stack solutions.

Software Solutions You Can Use Right Away!

Most software developers can specialize in writing custom software applications. We like to go a few steps further. Our software development team has created software you can install on your network, or run as a hosted service today.

Contact! — This free contact manager manages your prospect list, it will post contacts into Microsoft Outlook, and generates reports driven by the criteria you specify.

Toodles! — a free software application that allows you to create and print To-Do lists for multiple assignees.

Chroniker® — This electronic timeclock software runs on Windows workstations using RFID scanners. Chroniker® is an ideal upgrade for companies still using physical timecard punch clocks. It eliminates the need to rekey timecard data. And it provides real-time reporting for both management as well as staff members.

Quickbooks Integration — If you’re tired of entering data into your order entry application, then rekeying it into Quickbooks, we can develop a custom interface for you.

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