Machines talking to Machines 

I/O Technologies IoT (Internet of Things) development Practice helps organizations create connected devices and systems that can communicate with each other over the internet. IOT’s IoT development practice involves multiple layers of technology, including hardware, software, and cloud services.

At the hardware layer, our developers work with various sensors, actuators, and other devices to collect and transmit data. We use microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi to build prototypes and test ideas.

At the software layer, IoT developers use programming languages such as C, Python, or Java to develop the logic that controls the devices and processes the data they collect. They may also use communication protocols such as MQTT or HTTP to transmit data between devices and cloud services.

At the cloud services layer, IoT developers use platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure to manage, analyze and dashboard the data collected by the devices. 

Overall, IOT brings a broad range of skills and expertise to the IoT solution, focusing on software programming, and cloud computing. With the growing popularity of connected devices and the increasing demand for data-driven insights, IoT development is becoming a crucial area of innovation and growth for many industries.

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