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Intuitive Interfaces to Efficient Data Storage and Processing

Whether your business needs desktop software development or a custom web application, we have the resources to tackle your most challenging project. Since 1994, we’ve provided software development services and website development to companies across the US and beyond.

I/O’s technical experience covers all your technology needs from front-end and back-end development to website and mobile application development and more.

From Open Source to Microsoft, to Mobile  our technology set includes:


I/O Technologies has built hundreds of desktop and web applications using C#, .NET, Python, PHP, and VFP. We use SQL databases like MS-SQL, My-SQL and Postgres.  We also are Microsoft Partners, but are agnostic to any particular flavor.  we choose the best solution for the customer and application.
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We build interfaces for our applications using the right tool for the job.  Depending on the need and the clients environment, we will develop in React, html 5, C# .NET ASP and other tools.
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Our teams have deep experience in many open source and .NET based digital experience platforms, we can build and support extranets, Intranets and customer facing web experiences.  We are WordPress experts.
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From programming a custom interface for a warehouse inventory scanner to Android and IOS applications that need to be in Play Store or Apple Store to hybrid application that do a bit of both we can help.  I/O Technologies will help design the App and see it through the I-Store vetting process.
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We have built devices but more importantly, we can help with the software to help machines talk – including data conversions, data storage and dashboarding the results.
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