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Our front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers create websites and web applications that will make your brand shine and your business thrive.

Mobile First

I/O Technologies’ web design practice creates websites that are optimized for viewing and interacting with on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as desktops. Mobile web design is important because an increasing number of users are accessing websites on mobile devices, and a website that is not optimized for mobile devices can affect Google rank and lead to a poor user experience and lost traffic.

Our Web Design process will always address:

  • Responsive design: This involves designing a website that can adjust its layout and content to fit different screen sizes and orientations. Responsive design typically involves using flexible grid systems, scalable images, and media queries to ensure that the website looks and functions properly on any device.
  • Mobile-first design: This involves designing a website with a mobile-first mindset, prioritizing the needs and limitations of mobile users. This may involve simplifying the design, reducing the amount of content, and optimizing the user interface for touch-based interactions.
  • Page speed: Mobile users are often on slower and less reliable networks, so it’s important to design a website that loads quickly and efficiently. This may involve optimizing images, minifying code, and reducing the number of HTTP requests.
  • User experience: Mobile users have different needs and expectations than desktop users, so it’s important to design a website that is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and optimized for touch-based interactions.

Overall, I/O Technologies’ focus on the mobile-first design process is a critical success factor for our client’s digital presence. As more and more users access websites on mobile devices it’s no longer a choice.  By designing websites with mobile users in mind, we can ensure that your websites are accessible, engaging, and effective on any device.

In addition to technical proficiencies in custom .NET Solutions, Intranet /Extranet, Headless, WordPress, Node.JS, and React.JS; Our developers have a working knowledge of web standards, accessibility, usability, and security, as well as experience working with databases, APIs, and version control systems.

SEO – Not an afterthought!

Our digital marketing team will research and work with you to understand and target key phrases important to rank for. Your website will be technically sound to meet all the necessary Google ranking criteria. Expect your website to be fast, targeted, and built so Google can index and rank your content high.

We strive to create a solution along with supporting technologies that will give you a far-reaching and impactful web presence and greater efficiency in reaching your clients.

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