Software Programmers Who Speak Your Language

We listen first, then write code to meet your specific needs.

We’re obsessed with writing great business software.

What does this mean for you?

First, it means we we don’t use "geek speak." We'll seek to understand your questions and concerns thoroughly, rather than assume we know what you're talking about. And you’ll always get explanations that are clear, understandable and focused on your needs. You can call or e-mail us anytime with questions or concerns.

Second, we’re committed to writing the best custom software you can find anywhere. Our software developers channel their creative energy to create software solutions that surpass your expectations.

Third, our team is passionate about providing top-notch support for the programs we write. They seek to leverage their training and experience to make life easier and more enjoyable at your office.

Does your company use multiple operating systems? So does ours. We're fluent in Microsoft Windows as well as several Linux distros.

Software programmers who speak code and your language too.

Does your company rely on several programming languages to get the job done? Our software engineers solve problems by writing software programs in C#, ASP.NET, Node.js and PHP every day. They'll work closely with you to understand and document your specific needs. They use the latest information technology tools to translate your needs into an information system that propels your business growth.

Contact us for a no-cost, no-pressure conversation about how we can improve your operational processes, and grow your business. We promise to speak nothing but good, old-fashioned English.

When you need down-to-earth, user-friendly software to simplify your complex tasks and save you money, you’ve come to the right place.

We create powerful, yet easy-to-use software for business needs—spanning a wide range of industry sectors. Before writing a single line of code, we listen carefully to your system requirements, talking with data entry clerks, to business analysts, to corporate executives. Then we build software tailored to your specific needs.

To get the most from your software investment, take advantage of a wide range of services, including software updates, training, consulting, and remote support.

When you choose I/O Technologies, you get more than software built around ease-of-use, quality and integrity. You get our commitment to your long-term technology needs.

Here are a few examples of how our custom software company has helped improve productivity for our customers:

  • IOT (Internet of Things) – Devices located around the world communicate with a centralized web service. This service allows website users to send messages to the device and view real-time video footage.

  • Complex document generation - Generate pick lists governing part selection for delivery to the assembly line based on the precise specifications of the unit to be built.

  • Real-time Reporting System - This web-based reporting system allows users to overview information from a totals-only level, and gives them the ability to drill down into individual records to see how we arrived at the totals.

  • Seamless Electronic Interfaces. We’ve developed several custom ANSI X12 interfaces related to shipment, including purchase orders, invoices and advance ship notices. and provide notifications via email or text in real time when important events occur.

Software Developers Who Identify Needs, and Devise Solutions

Our team of software developers offer a unique set of skills to help clients get the biggest bang from their software dollar.

Database applications are the driving force behind most successful businesses.  Our software consultants are always working with the data structures and SQL queries you need to make smart decisions.  Clients often ask us to link their systems with Quickbooks, Peachtree, mail servers, and web sites.  And we're happy to do so.

Since 1994, we've created Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interfaces for client partners including GE Mortgage Insurance, TransUnion and state governments.  These electronic bridges help our clients transfer tons of data between systems quickly, and in a cost-effective way, between their local networks and their final destination.

What sets us apart from our competition is our attention to detail.  You could even say we're obsessed with writing ingenious code. Software that rises to the level of your toughest business challenges. Our goal is to help you gather, transfer and report key business information.  This will help you make better business decisions and reduce operating costs.

In a nutshell:

  • We provide onsite and remote analysis of your project needs.
  • Write software development specifications based on your input and feedback.
  • Design and install new custom software solutions.
  • Provide ongoing software support.
  • Enhance and maintain existing systems.
  • Design responsive web sites.
  • Design and install database applications.
  • Write electronic interfaces that help you transfer data to your vendors and customers.
  • Encrypt data to ensure security.
  • Write documentation and training materials.
  • Provide technical support when you need it.
Collaborative Programming Solutions

Why choose I/O Technologies for your software development?

A Custom Software Development Company That Listens, Responds and Solves Challenges

I'm Dave Martin. I own a company that is obsessed with writing great software. Software that clears away the obstacles that can often get in the way of a good manufacturing company, or distribution center or warehouse.

Over the years, our customers have often come to us frustrated by their legacy software because it just isn’t keeping up anymore with how they do business today. Others go out shopping for ERP solutions, only to discover that they’re bloated, and that they really don’t meet their needs at all—never mind the high price tag.

So rather than settling for never-ending licensing fees, and for software that forces them to fit inside someone else's box, they come to us. That's why our programmers are busy writing web sites and developing desktop applications that are tailored to the way our customers do business.

Custom software is an investment, that pays for itself over and over again. Our customers know that they can leverage that software year in and year out to grow their bottom line.

We'd welcome the opportunity to meet with you. To learn more about how you do business and your unique opportunities and challenges. And maybe to clear away some of those obstacles facing your company ... so that you and your people have more time. And so that you can hone in on what it is that makes your company great.

With clients spanning the entire USA, from Florida to Washington State, from California to Maine, and even abroad, we've got a reputation to uphold.

A reputation based on honesty, quality, and delivering custom software products on time, and on budget. The "how" links directly to our hiring only top-shelf software programmers who are passionate about what they do.

  • Well-trained - the programmer(s) who work on your project have a minimum of a Bachelor of Science degree. And we cross-train our staff so you'll get support even when a programmer is out of the office.
  • Experienced - we write custom software solutions for companies in several sectors, including manufacturers, logistics companies and franchisors. They trust us to provide mission-critical applications. You can trust us with your project, too!
  • Accessible - Because we're based in the middle of the American heartland (we're a Wisconsin software company), you'll get support when you need it. When you request more information on our Contact Us page, you can expect a response within 15 minutes.
  • We're here to stay - Over 80% of our customers return for additional custom software solutions and enhancements. Our goal is to help you grow, providing the tools you need every step of the way.
Author: Dave Martin
Dave Martin has been writing software for decades. When he isn't busy managing programming projects and writing proposals, he writes articles and e-mails about all manner of software development. Dave is the founder and owner of a software development company that provides custom programming services for businesses in the US and the UK.